Designer Skin Products
Designer Skin Products
Dark Tanning Bronzer with Anti-aging and Firming Extracts.
This extraordinary tanning accelerator provides immediate tanning results while increasing skin's firmness and elasticity. Visibly improves skin's texture.
200XXX Extreme Extreme Sizzle Formula with Anti-aging and Firming Extracts.
This ultra sizzle formula takes you to the pinnacle of advanced tanning while pampering your skin with superior skin care ingredients. Defend your skin from the effects of aging while maintaining your status of a tanning goddess.
Angel Daily Moisturizer
With Hemp Seed Oil, Anti-Aging and Firming Extracts.
Silky-soft, sensous skin. Velvety to the touch. Unlike other moisturizers, Angel protects, firms and nourishes your most precious asset...your skin.

Drama Queen
Dark Tanning Formula with Hemp Seed Oil
Dramatically dark tanning results, Whisper-soft, sensous skin. Alluring fragrance. That's right. You're more than just a pretty face. You are the ultimate Drama Queen.

Rock Star
Extreme Sizzle + Bronzer with Hemp Seed Oil
Spectacular, golden bronze color. Skin so velvety soft, they write songs about it. Irresistible. That's you. See, feel live the difference.

Cooling Bronzer
Shimmering Bronzer
High Maintenance
Extreme Sizzle with Hemp
Saving Face
Facial Accelerator
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